The Agonizing Dilemma Of Testing For An Incurable Disease

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Our Present is our future, enjoy the present to enjoy the future. That expression reminds me that the present is the only certainty right now because the future is unknown. However, at the same time I can create it in the present. According to the article “The ‘Agonizing’ Dilemma of Testing for an Incurable Disease” in Huff Post Healthy Living, author Dr. Sanjay Gupta explains that Marianna Palka who has 50-50 chance of developing Huntington 's disease took the decision to be tested. The author reports that Huntington’s disease is a neurodegenerative condition that has symptoms like: trouble speaking or swallowing, involuntary movements, depression, delusions, and dementia. Also, she describes how the disease is diagnosed by a generic test, and what the patients have to do before and after they take the test. However, if I have a 50-50 to contract the Huntington disease I will not be tested myself. First, I am not ready to know the future. It may be true that knowing the generic results could help to plan the future like long -term finances, getting married, and having a baby. However, having the test will be interrupt my life, and my mind will be thinking about it all the time. I will not be happy, and I will just waiting for the moment to come. Knowing if the result is positive will be a nightmare, so I prefer to enjoy the life. In the article “Closing the Lion’s Mount: Knowledge and Huntington’s disease”, author Sandra Kostyk quotes a woman who has Huntington 's Disease

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