The Agony - Original Writing

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Tuesday November 9, 2015. It was horrendous. The agony I am feeling. I look at the clock; it was 7:30 p.m. A few more hours and it would be done. What am I doing?! “What am I doing?” I thought to myself. I was in the middle of my yellow painted wall room. The atmosphere was unsettling. I sat on the brown textured carpet, tenaciously pulling at it; the left side of the bed was against my back. I look to my left to see the window. It was getting dark. I could (Tense is weird) hear little children outside yelling and playing. They did not know what was going to happen. I took the iPod I had from the top of the brown wooden nightstand I had to my left. I put in one of the earplugs in my left ear and started listening to music. I tried to placate myself. I sighed a deep breath. “This is wrong, but.. I don’t know.” I said to myself. I viewed my purple and blue bookbag under the midnight black colored chair across the room. I reached out for it and extracted out the many folders and notebooks it had. I needed to do homework. School was like a nightmare. I was failing my classes. Somehow I could not keep up. I thought that maybe doing my homework now would make me feel better and take my mind off it, but it only made it worse. I was debacle. Those daunting notions continued. They were inexorable. I grasped my Chromebook from my bookbag and turned it on. I opened up the browser and started searching what I wanted to do. A tear started rolling down my cheek; I wipe it away. “I’m
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