The Agrarian Society

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In an agrarian society, their economy is based on maintaining and producing crops and farmland. When they are not industrialized, these societies depend on having a large family. After these societies start to industrialize, the need for a large family starts to dwindle. These attitudes towards bigger families change for multiple reasons. One reason is that they have to worry about disease constantly. Before industrializing, they needed a copious amount of members of their family that they could to have and keep land because farmland is what keeps them “alive”. After they industrialize, they did not need to have such a large family because they had become consumers instead of producers. They don 't need many people to work because they have machines and it is easier for them to make money. Also, they do not need such an abundance of people to work when they have machines to accomplish their work for them In agrarian societies, disease is something that they need to worry about constantly. They are not industrialized so they have limited access to medicine to become better if any member of their family becomes sick. Also, due to the diseases, there is a extremely high chance that any child born will not make it through infancy. This is a main reason why large families are favored in agrarian societies. Branching off of the diseases, there is a view within the religion that almost all agrarian societies have. The larger the amount of children, the bigger the family, the
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