The Agreement Between Parties And Obligations Essay

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Rights and obligations: The agreement between parties will be Non-Exclusive distribution contract, whatever at this part we will discuss the terms and rights that will be at the contract as: 1. Rights Granted: Nothing could prohibit the first party (the investor) from selling any of his products to other distributors or make a direct selling to the customers. 2. Products: The “Manufacture’s products” in the contract, shall mean all the products, services and accessories that are related for the main product. 3. Terms of Sale: All sales of the first party products to the second party (the distributor) shall be made pursuant to this contract at the prices and the terms the first party set. All the prices are FOB manufactures or a second party own warehouse location, if it’s not opposes the agreement. Any loss due to damages or distractions of products it will be the responsibility of the second party after the shipment had been delivered. The first party will chose the shipper unless the second party demand another reasonable alternate. All requests are subjects to acceptance by the first party, except the expressly agreed by the first party in advance, this contract control all aspects of work between the parties with esteem to the manufacturing products and any different term in any distributor request will be unacceptable unless there are specific agreed between the parties. 4. Payment: Second party should pay all charges during thirty days from the due date. The first
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