The Agreement with Iran over Nuclear Programed Achieve in November 2013

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On Nov. 14, 1979, President Carter declared an emergency freezing Iranian Assets in response the hostage crises
Over 30 years in latter part of September 2013, for the first time in 30 years, the president of the United States spoke with the president of Iran
An agreement with Iran over its nuclear program was achieved in late November 2013
In the past, the international community has chosen to deal with the Iranian situation by an ever-tightening series of sanctions/actions: for the US it was the Iranian Hostage Crises. President Carter in November of 1979 declared an emergency and ordered a freeze on all Iranian assets according to PBS. In November 2011, the United States designated the entire Iranian banking regime as potentially aiding
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This was followed by a further decrease to about 700,000 barrels per day by May 2013, according to industry sources cited by Reuters. This was to deny hard currency that can be siphoned for Iran’s nuclear program
• June 2010, the European Union enacted measures similar to those approved by the U.S. Congress that banned investment and assistance to Iran's energy sector, and a series of other prohibitions was placed.
It is transparent that this is not a US only action- not only has the EU imposed sanctions , the UN has also imposed sanctions and for the UN to pass a resolution, the UNSC has to act with all five permanent members needing to agree (United Nations Security Council) this makes the Iranian program an international concern:
• Resolution 1737 (2006); the Security Council today imposed sanctions on Iran, blocking the import or export of sensitive nuclear material and equipment and freezing the financial assets of persons or entities supporting its proliferation sensitive nuclear activities or the development of nuclear-weapon delivery systems
• Resolution 1747 in March 2007, intensifying the previous sanctions package while also naming specific officials as targets of the sanctions and adding additional sanctions against Iranian financial institutions.
Despite sanctions from the US, EU, and the UN, Iran still had the necessary means in material, capital and engineering to further its nuclear
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