The Agricultural Revolution And The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution was an extremely efficient course of change that spread throughout Britain during the 18th century. Looking back on the Industrial Revolution you can say that it was a revolution of progress in a multitude of ways. Progress, by definition, is “forward or onward movement toward a destination”. In the sense of a revolution, the Industrial one moved toward a destination of advancement that was acted upon by the course of change within its economic, political and social boundaries that led it to progress.
The economic advancement that the Industrial Revolution went through helped guide it towards an era of progress through a variety of ways. The creation that was the Agricultural Revolution did indeed spark the progress of the Industrial Revolution through an economic standpoint. More people were creating and designing tools that would allow them to hire less help on the farm which led these jobless people towards the cities in search of work. Population mass decreased in the countryside as more and more people flocked to cities, creating populated places that needed to be updated to accommodate an increased population. This movement of people heading towards the cities in search of work boosted the construction of factories which, in itself, boosted the need for more workers which created a steady incline for Britain’s economy. The creation of more factories led to a mass production cycle of supplies, including machinery. These contributions led the
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