The Agriculture Industry By How The Producer Orchestrates The Program?

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Envision a long day of sorting off cattle, doing chores, and doing odd jobs around the farm then having to come home and make supper for the family and still try to be engaged in a child’s day at school? After a long day, a family often sits in the living room and watches hours of television shows, or browses movies on Netflix, but the only shows that you receive are the farming shows. Although these shows may be relaxing and interesting, they can form negative views about the agriculture industry by how the producer orchestrates the program. When people watch a movie, they talk about how farming culture has enough farming specific mannerisms that other non-farming people will misunderstand when they see popular representations of it in modern culture. For example, glimpses of farm life on the internet and television can show how each gender plays a role in the agriculture industry. People think the only gender who can normal labor are the stereotypical “farmer boys.” When in reality anyone can work in agriculture. The public perception of farming culture is outdated, as revealed by gender roles in the mainstream representation of agricultural living. When people think of the farming movies, a couple of generalizations come to their mind. The women are inside the house cooking meals, cleaning and putting everything in order, sending the kids off to school, and helping with their homework, as well as making a chore list for them to help the men out. The men, on the other
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