The Aid For Families With Dependent Children Organization

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The Aid to Families with Dependent Children organization claims to be a resource that offers money to mothers who are in need of assistance. Society believes that mothers who use this resource are reliant on the system and are unwilling to find employment to become independent. Those who invoke this premise could be no further from the truth. Substantial evidence proves that single mothers who use this system do not have sufficient means to support themselves and their children. For this reason, mothers are forced to find additional provisions that will help pay expenses and income, and in many cases, these mothers are still left with almost no earnings at the end of the month. To help expose these disingenuous ideas, Kathryn Edin from the Russell Sage Foundation uncovers the truth of how this system works. Using in depth interviews with 50 Chicago welfare recipients, Edin was able to show how single mothers struggled to make ends meet (Edin, 1991). Choosing to interview people from diverse cultural backgrounds, Edin gathered substantial data to convince skeptics that mothers cannot rely on the welfare system to provide them with substantial wages. In most cases, she found that many mothers continued to use the system because they could not find substantial jobs that would provide them with enough money to live and raise a family. Edin further determined that the average mother spent 864 dollars a month to raise a family (Edin, 1991). After paying expenses, the remaining
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