The Ails Of Air Pollution

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Serena Simoes
Biology 21
April 4, 2016
The Ails of Air Pollution: Why Everyone’s Respiratory System is in Danger Our body is a system of complex organs and cells working together every second of the day in order to keep our body functioning properly and in a healthy state. Of these, the respiratory system holds the responsibility of gas exchange, which allows our body to intake oxygen. Without our intake of oxygen, our cells would simply fail to complete any type of function. In order to intake and exhale the proper gases, it’s important that we live in a sustainable environment to maintain the gases in our bodies. Without proper oxygen intake, or the intake of polluted air, it makes it harder for our bodies to do normal functions, and can cause several long term effects on organs such as our lungs. Lack of oxygen for longer periods of time could even cause permanent damage to our brain and heart. Air pollution has come to be one of the biggest environmental issues of this generation, leading to global warming and various kinds of respiratory diseases. This mixture of manmade and natural gases are damaging to our health and will only get worse if we don’t start taking the precautions necessary. By studying a modern country like the United States, it’s easy to see how air pollution is caused. The nation is constantly at work with major industries releasing toxic chemicals into the air and millions of people driving a car everyday. It’s not only detrimental to…

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