The Aim Of Art. Artists All Over The World Explore Different

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The aim of art
Artists all over the world explore different concepts though their art. The environment is increasingly becoming an important topic of discussion; as well as a much more personal subject for everyone, let alone artists. Because of the increasing amounts of damage to the earth, many artists have participated in this movement in hope to show the public the beauty in nature. Three artists, in particular, express their concept of environment in a physical representation to be interpreted by their audience in all sorts of ways. William Robinson, shows the beauty of simplicity in everyday life, Nancy Holt allows her audience to interact with the beauty of being in nature and Andy Goldsworthy brings nature to his audience. An
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His art stands by Aristotle’s statement in that he paints what things make his life beautiful. Their inward significance. For example, in his piece “JACARANDA WITH GINGER AND LILIES” (oil on linen, 112cm x 168cm 2014), Robinson creates a physical representation of his love for his backyard. The Australian jacaranda tree was painted in 2014, it was appealing as it was fluorescently decorated and had a dreamlike atmosphere; this was combined with the other plants and flowers in the artwork so that there it was intensely saturated in pigment, showing his backyard is his heaven. Robinson paints what he sees while combining it with how he feels about what he sees. Making his art unique and an expression his passion. He seeks an environment that influences his work as a life-spring... “Make a life, create your art out of this life making art... provide the life-spring of your art.” (William Robinson, April 2016) This is relevant because both artworks show not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance of his childhood experiences and life itself.

Nancy holt was a successful artist predominantly known for her land art and sculptures. She created art that brings attention and respect to our natural world. One of her most famous works was the Sun Tunnels, (1979) where four colossal tubes frame the rising and setting of the sun. Her sculptural

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