The Aim of Man Essays

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Khouanchay (Kay) Krueger
Mr. Matthew Adams
English 150-SB – Annotation 4
October 9, 2010
Aristotle – “The Aim of Man” Aristotle starts off in his essay explaining the definitions of Good, Primacy of Statecraft and the study of Ethics. He defines good as where all things are to be aimed, for example health. He then defines Statecraft as citizens of a state, a country, and of the world need to do good for their own good but more importantly for the good of the state. He also characterizes various types of good. Finally, the definition on study of Ethics. This talks about the pure excellence of justice that involves the disagreements and agreements of uncertainty and certainty. Aristotle also talks about happiness and where a certain
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He uses the metaphor of a chameleon to illustrate this. We are all different and when you think of a chameleon, you first think of colors and personalities. In his example as a visual we can say that people’s happiness ranges so far and in-between. My response to the topic about the aim of man is that I agree that we all strive to achieve the very same goal as Aristotle points out; which is happiness. I think that his essay captures his definition of happiness well by repeating it several times throughout. This is effective to me because it is a repetitive way to enforce the topic. I agree with Aristotle especially that one does not know happiness until they can make the discernment. For the same reason he stated that a child can not be happy. I like his definition to happiness because it isn’t just characterized by good fortunes but it is much deeper in that it derives from the soul with perfect righteousness. I can identify a strength of the essay is that he doesn’t get off the topic often. He touches about wealth and how that isn’t the true source of happiness but quickly closes on the subject and goes back to the good that we are seeking. Another example where he does this was towards the end, he briefly talks about sleep is an inactivity of the soul. He clearly dismisses the subject by pointing out its irrelevance. This makes the essay easier to follow. Another strength that I notice was he used the
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