The Aims Of Literature Search

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The aims of literature search are multiple. For starters, it is a necessary preparation for literature review that is to say, after searching for existing knowledge, we may have a deeper insight into research we are going to conduct. Additionally, it is an appropriate approach to update knowledge and identify a quite narrow gap for further investigation.

“Literature searching process can be divided into 6 steps separately: choosing keywords, planning strategy, selecting database, running search, evaluating results and saving references.”(source: lecture slides)

In order to have a deeper understanding of lender of last resort and find the gap for further investigation, I made full use of the Catalogue Plus and found the six articles.

For starters, I entered “lender of last resort” the key word into the search bar and got 5986 articles. To narrow down the scope, I used the advanced searching and chose to search for the title entered “lender of last resort, central bank” into two different search bar, as a consequence, the system gave me 1820 articles. In order to get the latest article, I selected the “data-newest” and chose the material type “article” and I got only 68 this time. Another approach I used is using database search. After clicking the “select database” and choosing “economics” in category, then I got 26 database and clicked the EBSCO, so I went the main search page. I entered more specific words “lender of last resort, central banking, financial crisis” and
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