The Aims Of The Hotel Industry Essay

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 Aims:

The aims of this group project are given below:-
 To find out those contemporary issues which are prevalent in hotel industry
 To be competent significantly distinguished those contemporary issues which are dated and also those which are current.
 To be capable to do the analysis and evaluation of those issues that which has been identified.
 To check and recognize those issues which have selected and to have the understand of those core administration areas of the chosen issues.
 To find out how these identified issues have impact upon the hotel industry.
 To do the evaluation and declare those management approaches that can be put into action to deal with the recognized issues.

 Introduction:

As we all know that hospitality industry has become one of the developing industries across the world. The ratio of tourists is getting increased each and every year which is creating a competition not only in the different hotels but in hotels brands also. Providing the customers best services hotels are doing each and everything uniquely because of having edge in the technology. As hotels are engaging with those customers daily who are very demanding. They want the best customer service from the hotel and not only that provided with best guest facilities (Amenities and supplies needed in guest rooms). As the customers demand increased, due to these demanding customers hotels have to increase their standards this is the point where these
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