The Aims Of The Intervention Essay

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Consider your role/area of responsibility in the intervention; the aims of the intervention; strategies for intervention (how will you work towards achieving the aims of the intervention?); what legislation, policy, social work methods and theory are relevant and how these will be applied; what social work skills are relevant for the intervention? If there are skills you need to develop how are you going to develop these? My role in this case is to complete the re-assessment of needs, draw a plan to ensure that her needs are met adequately and her wellbeing is maintained. I plan to conduct the assessment by employing the strength base approach to identify the needs and abilities, A strength based approach to care, support and inclusion requires social workers to look first at what people can do with their skills, their resources and support available from their relationships and community. People should be seen as more than their care needs and should be considered as experts and in charge of their own lives (Scie:2015). My responsibilities are to consider the current care plan, assess the changes in care needs and change the care plan according to the needs. MH was discharged from the hospital with the recommendation of two weeks assessment period at the Dementia assessment unit to gain further understandings of her dementia. This would have helped to ascertain the current stage of her dementia and care needs and may have informed my assessment. As the placement at the
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