The Air And The Heat

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The heat. The air and the heat were one in the same I couldn’t escape. I wanted to turn around, step back on the plane, and demand that I go back. I couldn’t handle this for an entire month. But I thought to myself, “No. Learn about your culture and where you come from.” I still did what every person does on vacation. I tried new food and visited the different attractions, but I also immersed myself into the culture and heritage of the family that I had not seen in 8 years. I asked questions and learned as much as possible. Since Egypt is such a conservative country, people constantly told me that I shouldn’t be so curious. That it wasn’t ladylike. They told me to stick to the rules. Even at a young age, learning has been something that I have always pursued, regardless of where or what I am doing. I wasn’t about to let anything hinder my experience. In Egypt, I learned so much that I felt like that I had never left. It was as if I had lived there my entire life. Throughout my trip, I received the classic and age-old question "What do you want to become?" countless times. I always answered, "I will become a cardiothoracic surgeon." The expression on their faces spoke of skepticism, excitement, and hope all at once. I would be the first person in the family to become a doctor. The reply generally received was "Are you sure? Don 't you want to do something easier?" It wasn 't because they thought I was incapable; they simply didn 't understand my passion for it. I would
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