The Air Pollution And Its Effects On The People Of Sarnia

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Aamjiwnaang First Nation Group effected by the Nearby Chemical Valley “The more clouds in the sky, the more people will die”, are the words of a young child in Sarnia, Ontario. The first thing you notice about Sarnia is the smell of rotten eggs, but it is not rotten eggs you are smelling. That would be all the chemicals that are polluting the air from all the industries that have been developed. The air pollution has been described as the the worst air in Canada. Aamjiwnaang is a first nation tribe that is located in Sarnia, Ontario. Their territorial grounds is near a Chemical Valley that is made up of forty percent of Canada’s industries. There is about “sixty oil refineries and industrial strips that over see the St. Clair River”. These industries have severely impacted the environment by releasing toxic fumes into the environment resulting with an impact on the health and habitat and wildlife. Pollution of the air and soil has had the greatest impact on the people of Sarnia. To the people of Sarnia, gardening is a component to their everyday lives, which keep them in touch with nature. For generations, the Aamjiwnaang people have been living off of these lands, until toxins from the the chemical valley have polluted the soil. Locals argue that the produce that is able to be grown is still contaminated. In addition, due to the pollution of chemicals into the environment, the animals and wildlife is also being contaminated. Therefore, they are force to either hunt

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