The Airbus A380 : A Commercial Aircraft On The Market Right Now

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The biggest commercial aircraft on the market right now is the Airbus A380. This amazing feat of engineering is so spectacular that it is the biggest that a commercial aircraft can be! The airbus A380 can be described in many different ways, most people call it spectacular or even just flat out amazing that something this big can even get off the ground. While the industry continues to make improvements to flight, they are also keeping the costs down, so that anyone flying can experience flying in an Airbus, especially if they are traveling abroad. Many would say that the idea of building the Airbus was thought of by a French transport minister named Jean Chamant and a German economics minister, named Karl Schiller in 1969, but in all actuality, the idea was originated in in 1967 by ministers in France, Germany and Britain. They all agreed “for the purpose of strengthening European co-operation in the field of aviation technology and thereby promoting economic and technological progress in Europe, to take appropriate measures for the joint development and production of an airbus” (Early Days, 1967-1969). They knew that if they did not come up with a new concept for air flight, that the Americans would always be the leaders in the aircraft industry.
They knew it would take the effort of not just one country, but many that had built different aspects of planes, and were well known for that contribution. France was to supply the cockpit, the control systems, and the lower

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