The Airline Industry Analysis and the Market Theory

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Industry analysis- The airline industry Few invention of science has change the way people live and experience the world they are living and airplane is one of them. The oldest airline company of the world is KLM, a subsidiary company of air France, start to operate from 1920. Today the airline industry has reached to the point where it would be hard to think of life without air travel. It has shortened the time and narrowed the world to us.
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Ryan Air Ryanair is one of the largest and successful airline carrier of Europe based in Dublin and its biggest operational base is in London Stansted Airport. Ryanair was found by Cathal and Declan Ryan in 1985 with only one 15 sets aircraft flying from Waterford to London. After 20 years in 2008, Ryanair fly’s to 628 low fare routes across 26 European countries. [10] ▪ Ryanair operates relatively in a low risky environment because its own airport base. ▪ Business runs through all year. ▪ Revenue is sensitive to fuel price and foreign exchange cost.

Ryan airs passenger statistic.

▪ Total operating cost in 2007were €1765m where fixed are €499m and variable costs are €1257. ▪ Ryanair has grown massively. Revenues have risen from €231m in 1998 to some €2237 m in 2007. ▪ The company is expanding as the operating revenue increase 32%.[11] and operates through the Europe ▪ Ryanair holdings subsidiaries are [12]
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