The Airline Industry

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The airline industry is probably one of the biggest industries in operation today in the world. Each country has their own standard airlines to operate. They could be small, or large players in the industry depending on how big the investment or how successful the country. The forefront of an industry like this of course is technology. When the first commercial flight took place in 1914, it was a big advancement in the world of technology and just a glimpse of how far we would progress in the future. Since the beginning of the first mass produced commercial jet, companies have been innovating time and again to reduce the cost of producing these machines at the lowest cost possible but without any decrease in safety. As of today there are numerous manufacturers such as Airbus, Boeing, Cessna, and Bombardier to name a few. With technology like this being used to transport millions of people on a daily basis, of course there has to be some form of impact on its surroundings. In this case, there are a few externalities involved. An externality can be defined as a consequence of an economic activity that is experienced by unrelated third parties. An externality can be either positive or negative. The airline industry has quite a few negative externalities such as air pollution, congestion, and noise pollution to name a few. Compared to road traffic, emissions are low for airlines. Nevertheless, IATA has a few regulations in place to reduce these externalities as much as
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