The Airlines And The Airline Industry

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The airline industry has been around for years, it has suffered its ups and downs due to attacks such as the one that occurred in September 11, and even most recent as the Paris attack that occurred this past year. Major Airlines have suffered a decline in their profitability which has forced many airlines to file for bankruptcy. However, when bad times hit an industry some companies are forced to quit, while others are forced to change their strategy and continue moving forward.
In the airline industry, we have two major industries classified as the traditional airlines and the budget airlines. Traditional airlines have vertically integrated services and purchase their aircrafts directly from their manufacturer. On the other hand, budget airlines lease their aircrafts in order to source their fleet and provide cheaper flights. These cheap flights are supported by the subsidiaries in the secondary airports they flight in and out of.
Secondary airports are a great way for budget airlines to provide a faster turnaround due to the fewer flights that go in and out of these secondary airports. With budget Airlines there is also no in-flight service, the low cost the customer pays includes nothing but the flight itself. There is limited aircrew, which is responsible for cleaning the aircrafts and tickets are strictly sold online. Their advertising money is spent mostly in advertising heavily on popular social media sites.
Whether a customer decides to flight on a budget airline
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