The Airport At Johannesburg Airport, Me, My Mother, And My Brother

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From Gatwick Airport to Johannesburg Airport; me, my Mother, and my Brother finally arrived in South Africa. After a gruesome 11-hour flight, I couldn’t believe that I was finally in the golden city of miracles. It’s all rather unbelievable to think this all happened because my mother saw an advert that displayed malnourished Africans within South Africa. I guess it touched my mother’s heart. My family and I were here on a mission to change the lives of poor South Africans, but however, as a 14-year-old kid I truthfully didn’t want to go to South Africa to help poor people. I only wanted to go to enjoy myself, and meet new people. Walking out of the airport was quite an amazing feeling. The lighting over in South Africa couldn’t compare to nothing I have even seen before. We jumped in a taxi to get to the hotel to drop off our luggage. My mother booked a 5-star hotel deep in Cape Town, and as we were driving towards the hotel. We were passing through Johannesburg and Cape Town. The country made me lose myself totally similar to a kid in Disney land. Being the 14-year old, I was a selfish little kid who got whatever he wanted in life. I wanted to proceed to the hotel swimming pool and explore South Africa on my own. My mother and my brother wanted to go and visit the slums straight away but, on the other hand, I wanted to stay in the hotel and watch movies. My mother secretly bribed me by saying “Max if you come with us, we promise to take you shopping.” Me being a little

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