The Alabama State Of Alabama Essay

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In 1817, Congress divided the Mississippi Territory into two parts. The eastern part was set up as the Alabama Territory. President James Monroe appointed Dr. William Wyatt Bibb, of Georgia, Governor of the Alabama Territory. The first Alabama territorial legislature met at St. Stephen 's, located in Washington County, Alabama. As it 's first official act, a petition was sent to the National Congress asking that the Federal Government give financial aid to internal improvements. The Alabama Territory had a short life, for it was organized merely as a step towards statehood. On March 2, 1819, Congress authorized the territorial legislature to make arrangements for a constitutional convention to draw up a constitution for a proposed state of Alabama. By 1819, the population of the Alabama country was almost 128,000. About one-third of this number were slaves. The slaveholders were located mostly in the valleys of the greater rivers, the Tennessee, Tombigbee, Alabama, Black Warrior, Canada, Coosa and Tallapoosa. Among them were a number of planters who owned large plantations and many slaves. As more settlers came into Alabama from Tennessee, South Carolina, and Georgia, towns sprang up in north Alabama. Huntsville was the largest town in the Alabama territory and it served as the temporary capital. During the summer of 1819, 44 elected representatives met in Huntsville to write Alabama’s constitution. The people of Alabama disagreed over where the capital of the new
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