The Alamo Executive Summary

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Not only that, but the Alamo values Austin. This is where their first location was and this is the city that birthed and nurtured their success. As such, they are tied very securely to the community that surrounds them, not only in Austin, but wherever they choose to open their doors.
EXTERNAL Brand Review: As stated previously, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema mostly engages in word of mouth advertising and signature events to bolster their public relations efforts. With the expansion, however, the Alamo has hired external advertising agencies to handle small marketing projects and media purchasing. To aid in creating their “Alamo Drafthouse experience” the creative marketing team also built the theater’s reputation on special, signature events.
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If management gets a complaint about either, they will eject the patron from the theater without a refund. In 2011, the Alamo got a call from an irate customer that had received just that treatment after a complaint was launched about her texting in the theater. Her resulting voicemail was recorded and posted online by the theater itself and went viral within week . The voicemail consists of one and a half minutes of the irritated customer condemning her experience and imploring others not to visit the Alamo. It criticized the theater’s customer service and accused the theater of treating their customers like “s#!t”. It, unfortunately for her, had the opposite effect. A great illustration of the cliché “no publicity is bad publicity,” this voicemail has become a very characteristic marketing piece for the Drafthouse, encouraging rather than dissuading others to join in the experience. The video was so popular it was played of Anderson Cooper and other primetime…show more content…
I am not a native to the city, but the theater has a quirky, rare quality that makes customers feel there is nowhere else quite like this. Because of this, there seems to be an almost cult-like love for the theater. There are many native Austinites that will swear by the Alamo experience and never visit another movie theater. These are the people and this is the consumer base that Tim and Karrie League worked so hard to cultivate and it is a feeling that every subsequent Alamo location must try to replicate if they want to reach the same level of success and
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