The Albany Devils First 30 Games Of 2016

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For my project I chose to look at the Albany Devils first 30 games of 2016. I chose this topic because my parents have season tickets to Albany Devils games and I either go to them when I am home or watching them on my laptop when I am at school. My elements where the first 30 games of 2016 like stated before, and my variables were goals for, goals against, the result of the game and the distance traveled. The elements are listed by the day and I also listed who the opponent was so one can tell if it was an away game or a home game. For the first variable, result of the game, I put the outcomes in a table and also made a pie chart showing their frequency. There were four possible outcomes, win, loss, overtime loss, and shootout loss. The reason why I did this variable is because each result helps or hurts the team in some way. When the team gets a win in any way they get two points, when they lose in regulation, they get two points, and if they lose in either overtime or in a shootout they only get one point. Turns out the Albany Devils won over half of their first 30 games in 2016, with a total of 18 wins. They earn zero points in seven of the sampled games. In 17% of the sampled games they earn only one point per game. The team did not even have one overtime loss. The Albany Devils earned 41 of the possible 60 points up for grabs from January second to March thirteenth helping them make it into the Calder Cup Playoffs for the second time in the past three seasons. My

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