The Alberta Occupational Health And Safety Essay

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The Alberta Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Code and Alpine Construction Policies both indicate that the employer is responsible for the identification, assessment, elimination or control of hazards in the workplace. Hazard Identification, Assessment and Control is critical to the success and effectiveness of any OH&S program. This program specifies requirements for the elimination of OH&S hazards and for the control of risk associated with the remaining hazards that cannot be eliminated.
Alpine Construction has adopted a step by step process to guide responsible persons to an effective hazard identification, assessment and controls system. These steps include:
 Hazard Identification: identifying the actual and potential hazards
 Hazard Assessment: determining the risks and the risk rating associated with the identified hazard based on probability, severity and frequency of occurrence
 Hazard Elimination: eliminating the hazard
 Hazard Control: if the hazard cannot be eliminated, controls for the hazard and the risks associated with the hazard will be implemented
 Providing information, education, training and supervision on the hazards, risks and controls to employees, contractors, and stakeholders
 Periodic review of the hazard assessment and control process.
Alpine’s step wise approach to identify, eliminate or control hazards associated with all aspects of its operations is intended to meet
a) the legal requirements for hazards
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