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Grace, the only album released by artist Jeff Buckley, due to his untimely death, contained a number of his original songs as well as some covers. This album released in 1994, sold “only modestly but was warmly received by critics” (Simon and Schuster, 2001), and gained Buckley immense respect as an artist. His song “Lover, you should’ve come over” was evidence that Buckley was a talented artist who was not only an excellent performer but an excellent songwriter who could craft melodies and words as well. ‘“Lover” is essentially a soul ballad” (Beviglia, 2014), with moments of intensity and moments of release as well. Through analyzing this song one may begin to explore the song’s virtual experience also known as the “story, or narrative of a musical work” that is “influenced by the artist’ perspective” (Sellnow, 2007), as well as the virtual time, and understand the overall message and congruency or incongruences of the song. “Lover” by Jeff Buckley is a song with an interesting message due to its hopeful lyrics and soulful tone and instrumentation, which create a congruent depiction of the message. Jeff Buckley’s song “Lover You Should’ve Come Over” expresses a storyline through its virtual experience of a protagonist beating all odds and seeking a resolution. Through the incorporation of dramatic illusion and comic rhythm, this song additionally creates a virtual story with feelings of suspense. Virtual experience is categorized into rhythm and illusion with

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