The Alchemist Annotation

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Admittedly, another way Dahl’s writing is successful is his use of utilization to develop the characters in the story. In the exposition, Dahl introduces us to the narrator Timber, Harry’s friend.As the author states, “'Don't move and don't talk any more unless you have to, you know it won't bite unless it's frightened. We'll fix it in no time.' I went softly out of the room in my stocking feet and fetched a small sharp knife from the kitchen. I put it in my trouser pocket ready to use instantly in case something went wrong while we were still thinking out a plan. If Harry coughed or moved or did something to frighten the krait and got bitten, I was going to be ready to cut the bitten place and try to suck the venom out”(Dahl, 3). This claim illustrates…show more content…
but he didn't stop to talk; he walked on past me across the balcony and through the screen doors into the hall. 'Where is he? Which room?' He put his bag down on a chair in the hall and followed me into Harry's room. He was wearing soft-soled bedroom slippers and be walked across the floor noiselessly, delicately, like a careful cat. Harry watched him out of the sides of his eyes. When Ganderbai reached the bed be looked down at Harry and smiled, confident and reassuring, nodding his head to tell Harry it was a simple matter and he was not to worry but just to leave it to Dr Ganderbai, Then he turned and went back to the hall and I followed him”(Dahl, 11).Provided with that, the doctor’s intentions from the start was to get the snake safely away from Harry. Just like Timber, the doctor showed true interest for Henry’s safety. Lastly, the author introduces the main character, Harry. According to the story, “Harry stood on his bed in his striped pajamas, glaring at Ganderbai, and the colour began to spread out over his cheeks. ‘Are you telling me I'm a liar?' he shouted. Ganderbai remained absolutely still, watching Harry. Harry took a pace forward on the bed and there was a shining look in his
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