The Alchemist vs The little Prince Essay

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The Alchemist versus The Little Prince The Alchemist and The Little Prince are two books written by two different authors. The first book’s author is Paulo Coelho and the second book’s is Antoine de Saint-Exupery, both of them being written in the twentieth century in two different corners of the world. The first book, The Alchemist is about a young shepherd named Santiago who decides to go on a trip to the Piramids in Egypt in order to find his treasure, in other words on a trip pursuing his destiny as a result of a dream which he had when he was still in Andalusia. There he met an old king named Melchizedek who encouraged him to pursue his…show more content…
In The Alchemist Santiago discovers his truthfully destiny or what does the live mean for him. He also learns about and he passes through new experiences in his life such as travelling to a different continent, learning new languages and new cultures. He also develops his patience working in a crystal shop and clearing pieces of crystal which are very fragile. But when he finishes his trip he becomes more mature and intelligent, understanding the way in which the world goes. However, in The Little Prince the author ilustrates a theme that have an importance in staying young and not becoming like adults seeing not only the material side of the things in life but to be open-minded and also to love our friends and to care for them. He underlines this fact through The Little Prince who observes everything like it should be, not only the oulside part of the things. In the book this fact is reflected when the little boy observe how perfect is the sheep that the narrator drew in the box he gave to the child. There are two similarities on the plots of those two books. One of them would be that both of them come back home from where they left with the loved ones and of course living forever. In The

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