The Alcohol Consumption Of Residents Of On Campus

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Approximately 150 college students will participate in the proposed study, 75 males and 75 females. The participants will range from 18 to 21 years of age. Participants will be in equal amounts from each residence hall in the University of Houston which underage students reside in as well as off-campus residents. The group criteria will be limited to students under the age of 21 with equal amounts of males and females. Participation in the study will be voluntary. The incentive for this study is if they choose to participate, then they will receive a gift card. The proposed study will attempt to observe the difference between the alcohol consumption of residents of on campus
The study will be an experimental between-subjects design. There will be one independent variables and it will have two levels. The independent variable will be the residency type of the student (On-campus and Off-campus). The residency type will be determined through a survey before choosing the participants. The dependent variable will be the alcohol consumption. Alcohol consumption will be tested through ETG testing.
Participants will be voluntary and brought in with the incentive of receiving a gift card at the end of the study. There will be 150 participants; 75 males and 75 females, all under 21. The large number of participants reduces the amount of variability and gives a more accurate portrayal of underage college students. A survey will be given to
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