The Alcoholism And Substance Abuse

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There are many abused people in America, who suffer from alcoholism and substance abuse. There is no discrimination when it comes to the individuals who are damaged by the two so called diseases. The two addictions not only hurt the addicts, but it hurts their loved ones and the community as well. The results of the abusive behavior can be physical, emotional, sexual, neglect or self-inflicted. There is no age limit, meaning that abusers can begin at very early ages, as early as teenage years and continue throughout their life. Innocent babies are born with drugs in their system, and young children are having to live in dysfunctional homes. Many kids living in these types of environment have a higher school dropout rate. Young adults to the elderly suffer from the misuse. “Though alcoholism and substance abuse rates are lowest among the elderly, access to habit-forming prescription drugs increases their risk of substance abuse” (Burkholder & Nash, 2013, sec. 3.4.). There are many who suffer from unemployment, health issues, poor decisions etc. It is hard to become employed and to keep a job while under the influence. Diabetes, Liver disease, Heart disease and Kidney failure are only a few physical ailments which can occur. Poor decisions under the influence have led to jail time, physical and emotional pain to others and neglect to a love one. It does not matter about your income status as far as being excluded from the damage that occurs from both of these
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