The Alexander Fleming

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Alexander Fleming was born in Lochfield, Scotland on August 6th, 1881. He resided with his mother (Grace Morton), Father (Hugh Fleming), and was the third of four children as a result of his father’s second marriage to his mother (Pollitt, 2013). When Alexander was seven years old, his father passed away leaving his mother to raise him and his siblings. Due to the lack of funds from their loss, he and his family now relied on a diet of fish and game from the local moors; it is from this drastic change of lifestyle where Flemings remarkable powers of observation were likely developed (Pollitt, 2013). From there Alexander began his formal education which became more formal as the years passed. At the very young age of twelve, Alexander was studying two theoretical sciences each year under the encouragement of his teacher and from then on benefited greatly from that exposure (Pollitt, 2013). At 13 he moved to London where he worked as a shipping clerk and at 17 a small inheritance allowed him to start training for his medical career where he entered St. Mary’s Medical school with a scholarship in Natural Sciences which exempted him from the payment of fees (Hare, 1983). There he began his life’s work studying antiseptics and the natural antibacterial properties of blood (Wennergren & Lagercrantz, 1992). While he was working on studies pertaining to bacteriological problems, he discovered the lysozyme in 1922. He describes this as an antibacterial enzyme which is actually
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