The Algebra Of Justice By Arundhati Roy

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United States has long been considered as the most powerful country of the world that takes the lead in military, economy and many other aspects. Besides, United States is known as the paradise of freedom that the human right has been highly appreciated. The Americans have their own rights to think, to speak, and to know about everything that happens around them. However, on the 11th of September, their twin building- the World Trade Centre- and the Pentagon were attacked in the astonishment of the whole America. Thousand people died, thousand questions were asked. Time is gone, American can build other buildings to replace those old, but the pain, the sorrow of many innocent victims still exist. However, the United State is continuing in some invalid wars. There are a lot of researches about this horrible event and these following passages will discuss about one of those researches -“The Algebra of Justice”- an article of Arundhati Roy as well as give some personal thinking about it. The purpose of this article is to point out many mysteries in the policies of the America’ government as well as give some individual arguments about the cause of the September 11 attacks. In order to affirm her arguments, first of all, she strongly criticizes the unreasonable methods of America in creating a group against terror by the thesis: “Before it has properly identified or even begun to comprehend the nature of its enemy, the US government has, in a rush of publicity and embarrassing

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