The Alienation Of Gregor Sams The Bug Man

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Michael Gray
Intro to Literature: Fiction
The Alienation of Gregor Samsa: the Bug Man Life can at times be an illusion that drops people into the deepest realms of the world. It can be an illusion so vivid and confusing that a person is seen by his or herself as nothing but an insect. This is the sad but real case for Gregor Samsa in the book, The Metamorphosis, written by Franz Kafka. Kafka delivers a story of a character, Gregor, who lives a tedious life. He is told as a man who cares for his family greatly, yet a man who lives in isolation. He works as a salesman for a boss he cannot stand, at a job he despises, yet he continues to work in order to support his mother, father, and sister. He has difficulties maintaining
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The first step of Gregor’s alienation stemmed prior to his transformation into an insect. His work environment is an extremely dehumanization experience for him. His boss treats him awfully, and when Gregor missed the initial train he usually took to work, his mother and father were worried as to what do to. If he misses work they knew that he would be in extreme trouble with his boss. Kafka explains this situation as, “And even if he managed to catch the train, he couldn’t escape a dressing-down from the boss, for the attendant from work had been waiting at the five-o’clock train, and had long ago informed the boss that Gregor had missed it. He was the boss’s creature, stupid and spineless” (31, Kafka). Kafka describes Gregor as nothing but an insect floating around work, waiting to be stomped on by his boss. Gregor’s loathe for his work helps develop his isolation from the rest of the world, alienating him from his own body, into that of an insect. It becomes evident that Gregor hates his job, and especially his boss, when he first wakes up in the morning. Gregor thinks to himself, “If it wasn’t that I’ve held back on account of my parents, I’d have given in my notice long ago. I’d have gone to the boss and told him what I thought outright, with feeling. It would make him fall off his desk” (30, Kafka). Gregor is sick and tired of working for his boss at the job
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