The Alienware 17 : Performance Oriented Gaming

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The Alienware 17 is a performance-oriented gaming laptop famous - and infamous - for being a high-end, near best in class laptop with a bold style and correspondingly high price tag. So why would a casual-, or even non-gamer be interested in such a device? There are a lot of reasons; some obvious and some less so, as well as a good number of caveats not well advertised about this uncommon use-case. Build The machine is nicer in hand than it looks in pictures. The lid is metal, and like the rest of the laptop feels rock-solid. The base is plastic, but it 's sturdier and looks just as nice as my previous XPS 15 9530 with a carbon fibre composite base. The struts keeping the base raised seem to be strongly connected, so aren 't likely to fall off after extended use. The easy-access panel on the bottom is also not a weak point - it fits extremely tightly and a near-invisible curve means it feels as strong as if you had a solid sheet instead. Lights swarm the machine, for good and for bad. The outside lights, as well as the trackpad light, are garish and are better left turned off - this is easy enough from the basic Alienware control panel. The good is that the keyboard lighting, as well as indicator and power-button lighting is extremely flexible. Each light has RGB components with 12 levels (0-11 inclusive) per component. Sadly, brightness and color choice looks to be fixed to a set few in the Alienware 's native interface. Given the quality and flexibility of the

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