The Alithic Revolution : Mesopotamia, And The Neolithic Revolution

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Advancements in technology and changes in society have often led to major improvements throughout history that brought about revolutions. The first considerable change in societies came with the Neolithic Revolution around 10,000 B.C. Despite ancient societies being spread far apart with no real trade routes established at the time, they all developed the same way beginning with the transition from nomadic people to agrarian civilizations. The prominent civilizations that came out of the Neolithic Revolution were Mesopotamia, Egypt, and the Indus Valley. These civilizations can represent how the social and political structures were after the revolution. Overall this massive settling of people impacted the politics in a way that established roles in civilizations and social structures in a way that stratified the societies. Prior to the Neolithic Revolution, people lived in nomadic groups and were hunter-gatherers that would follow herds of animals around for food. This meant that there was no social hierarchy because everyone was doing the same tasks; hunting and gathering. Also, since people spent their days finding food and building shelter, there wasn’t much time to do anything other than survive because everyone had to provide for themselves and their families. This meant that a political system was not developed in those societies. Social and political structures were not needed at this time because humans were focused on obtaining the necessitates and they

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