The, All About Jazz, On The Learning Channel ( Tlc )

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Gender can be interpreted several ways, these include: male, female, and transgender. A transgender is someone who was born with female or male bodily structures, but feel as if they have been born into the wrong body. People choose to become the opposite sex from what they were at birth by undergoing the surgery to become transgender. Today the term “transgender” is more accepted in this world and people are presented what it takes and the meaning to become a transgender. Jazz Jennings is a young teenage girl who is a transgender and has her own show called I Am Jazz that people can watch and really see how some transgender people are treated. I watched the very first episode which was called, “All About Jazz” on The Learning Channel (TLC) that was very informative, focusing in on an adolescent’s perspective on becoming transgender. The stereotype of transgender people, including adolescents should be more accepted in today’s society. Stereotypes are generalizations meaning transgenders may be looked upon by most people wrong, but I am Jazz has brought new awareness to the public. Today’s world is becoming more accepting of all types of people and conditions. The story of Jazz was a mini-series that was shown this past summer, depicting a 14-year-old realizing about a decade prior, that even though she was born a male, felt as though she was born the wrong gender. This is called gender dysphoria. Susan Bordo, a professor and author who has writings that focus on
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