The All Purpose Isotope Essay

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Terbium: The All-purpose Isotope
John Patrick Lopez
Santa Fe College

This paper will run through the potential and numerous clinical uses of terbium in nuclear medicine. Terbium is a rare metal and is still under clinical trials in Europe and is the only element in the periodic table with four clinically relevant radioisotopes with remarkable nuclear decay characteristics and could possibly be used in a vast array of nuclear medicine procedures, including diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. The four forms of terbium under clinical trials are 149Tb, 152Tb, 155Tb, and 161Tb. 149Tb is being clinically tested as an alpha particle emitting radionuclide for alpha-immunotherapy. Due to it’s relatively short half-life of 4.1 hours and low energy emittance of alpha particles, make it principally well suited for application in unification with small-molecular-weight targeting agents, including peptides, which are quickly vacated from the body. 152Tb with a half like of 17.5 hours emits positrons perfect for postitron emission tomography imaging. 155Tb emits gamma rays and has a half life of 5.32 days with relatively low energies of 86.55 and 105.3 keV respectively, it is being tested for diagnostic purposes for positron emission tomography and single-photon emission computed tomography cameras. 161Tb produces beta minus particles and is being tested for therapeutic purposes while showing great promise with tumor visualization and remission. The
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