The Allegations Brought Upon Me Essay

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I am writing this statement to defend some of the allegations brought upon me. I will start off by continuing taking ownership of the following allegations that was presented against me: [As a Contingency Employee under Domingo Hernandez-Gomez Supervision] 1. Using personal electronics devices (cell phone, personal computer) during work hours. (I used my personal device to do work for the College Success Center, I created graphic designs and formats for some of the materials we use during FastTrack. After Domingo informed me he doesn’t want me to bring my personal computer in anymore, I never brought it in again). 2. Tardy on numerous occasions 3. Violated Dress Code (Shorts, Tennis Shoes, and T-Shirt on a Friday) did not comply with Business Casual Dress Code (I was informed it was casual Fridays by at the time my supervisor Domingo, I did have on professional khaki shorts, a Cotton T-Shirt, and I had on loafers for my shoes, they were not Tennis Shoes, I don’t wear Tennis Shoes. After Domingo informed me I can’t wear shorts, I never wore shorts again and I met the expectation of Business Casual since then). [As a Meet & Confer Employee under Marisol Blanco Supervision] 1. Being tardy for work 2. Missing for a 1.5 hours following a professional development morning session at GRPS. (I was not missing for 1.5 hours, it was at the most 45 minutes. This occurred due to my car breaking down, and a coworker came to assist me to drop my car off at the shop and we came
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