The Allegorical Meaning of The Crucible by Arthur Miller Essay

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The Crucible, a play by the famous playwright Arthur Miller, retells the story of the witch trials occurring in Salem during the seventeen century. Between lies, deceiving and treachery, Salem was the place of a relatively massive genocide solely based upon unproved facts and accusations. However, the real message being the story is something else altogether as The Crucible is an allegory denouncing McCarthyism. The present written task will focus on the following question “If the text had been written in a different time or place or language or for a different audience, how and why might it differ?” Based on the context of this literary piece, we will therefore see how a text might change based on time period, the setting and the language…show more content…
The setting of a story is a key factor which affects the understanding of the story. Changing the place in which the characters are evolving can drastically modify the meaning of the play as the different actions and aims of the drama would not have had the same impact and the same meaning. The Crucible, as we know, was situated in the town of Salem, Massachusetts. Arthur Miller chose this setting for a specific reason, as the events occurring in Salem in the seventeen century allegorized the situation in the United States in the early fifties. Changing the setting of the play while keeping the same time period, the story itself would have been completely altered. During the seventeen century, the events which marked Salem were not the same which marked for example Africa, which was mostly subject to explorations and the settlement of the Europeans. Therefore, the message Miller aimed to transmit would not have the same impact if the story was in a different setting.
The audience targeted is also a factor influencing the impact the literary work has on the population. The play was written to raise awareness of the effect of McCarthyism on the American society and on American people. Thus, it was specifically aimed towards people who could do something about the situation in the United States. Therefore, the audience targeted is the young adults, adults and elders of the
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