The Allegory Of The Cave By Kj Adames

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It’s Time To Stop Hiding Behind A Dull Mask, And Reveal Your True Colors

Identity, directed by KJ Adames, is an inspirational short film about a world in which everyone wears masks to cover up their true identity.

The short film takes place in a school, where the camera follows the point of view of a specific student. There is no dialogue, except for the narrative voice of the professor. He mentions that the topic for that specific day will be about Plato’s allegory of the cave. He then goes into a detailed description of how people have based their life on living inside of the cave. As he continues to narrate, the camera focuses in on the student’s drawings. Her portraits of the different types of people she drew all shared one
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There are the lower, middle, and upper classes, all of which have a certain bar of importance. People in the upper class can be compared to the kings in chess, since they contain the highest power. The middle class may represent the queens, as they contain high power, yet not as much as the king. Finally, the lower class symbolizes the pawns, as they are the lowest in power. In this particular scene, it seems as though labels are highly significant.

During the next scene, a similar pattern follows. However, instead of labels being explained, they’re vividly shown through the clique system. The camera cuts to different lunch tables, where different groups are conversing with one another, all wearing the same masks. There is even an instance where one person takes off a mask and puts a different colored one on, as she goes to another group.

Eventually, the female student has enough, and she runs to the bathroom. As she pushes the doors to go in, she slips, causing her mask to crack. When she looks into the mirror, there is a moment of suspense. Will she be the slave who freed the others, or will she keep the mask on and fear judgement?

She unveils the mask and throws it onto the ground. The audience captures the look on her face, as she smiles with confidence. No dialogue is needed in this moment, for the expression on her face tells it all. She had come to a self realization of herself, that she’d rather be happy and judged, than to live in a world
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