The Allegory Of The Cave

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Has someone ever looked at you and immediately disregard you for you are just because of your ethnicity? Have you ever done it someone? Racism is a huge culture issue that we have not only in America, but in other parts of the world, but it does not matter the color of one’s. What really matters is the character they have withheld inside but are not given a chance to express because someone didn’t even bother to give them a chance. This is idea comes from the book written by Plato, “The Allegory of the Cave” where in the book Socrates speaks of man being in a dark cave all their lives not realizing the truth until once they reach the end of the cave to see that the light is the truth. The truth is the reality of life.
I always thought my father was right and smart in so many ways when I was a child, but it turned out he was wrong about one main idea and that idea was about racism. I didn’t like the idea of being that kind of person: a racist. Stereotypes don’t define people, especially if you’ve never met them. So it made me realize how wrong my father was because even though people have different ethnicities, they are regular people just like me. Now I didn’t realize this right away, but when I went out into the real world to find the truth, the light that had been calling my name. It happened on March 25, 2015, when I visited the country of Australia. Plato, author of The Allegory of the Cave, says “That what he saw before was an illusion, but that now, when he is

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