The Alliance Between Alexander 's King Porus

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an alliance with Alexander would in return save his territory and also help him acquire Porus’s territory i.e Kaikay, after Alexander defeats King Porus. Though as a prince he had no authority to do so without King Gandharaj’s permission. Ambhi had knowledge of this fact that his father King Gandharaj will never permit him to form an alliance with a foreign King; hence, Ambhi killed his father while he was asleep and ascended the throne of Gandhar. This was a very first step taken by Ambhi towards forming an alliance and also towards getting revenge against King Porus. After making sure that Ambhi, through his lavish demonstration of hospitality had won over the trust of Alexander, he used the alliance between them as a tool to conquer King Porus’s territory also provided with a force of 5000 men as support for the war. 4. Porus challenging Alexander for a war- After enjoying Ambhi’s hospitality, Alexander sent a word out to the neighbouring kings to meet him and pay him a tribute. While few against did go, one king stayed away: Porus, who was not going to follow Ambhi’s footsteps. It was a declaration of war the Macedonian king from his side. 5. The situation post Hydaspes Battle- The strength of character and attuned senses of war skills of Porus captured Alexander’ eye, which allowed him to rule Hydaspes in Alexander 's name. The way Alexander showed friendliness towards Porus disappointed Ambhi to a very great extent. All the efforts done by Ambhi to betray and defeat

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