The Allies Model : The Integration Of Christianity And Psychology

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Abstract Today, the integration of Christianity and psychology is becoming more increasingly recognized. The integration begins with understanding the sinful state of the human condition as viewed from a biblical perspective. It continues with being faithful to Christian stewardship and not only embracing theology but also the psychology of human behavior (Entwistle, 2015). A more accurate and complete understanding of human nature and function is provided through the integration of Christianity and psychology. The Allies model confirms that Christian theology and psychology are both subject to God’s authority, and exemplifies the best integrative relationship between Christianity and psychology (Entwistle, 2015). This paper will discuss the integration of Christianity and psychology through the Allies model. It will define integration, review reasons and explanations of why Christianity and psychology should be integrated. As well as look at different methods of knowing, the Allies model concept, and the two books idea along with strengths and weaknesses of this model. Introduction The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines integration as “to combine (two or more things) to form or create something …” ( Christianity and psychology can be joined to achieve a common purpose while remaining faithful to each discipline. When Christianity and psychology are combined, there are many things to be learned about the nature and functions of human beings
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