The Allure Of Luxury By Chuck Palahniuk

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If Tyler Durden from Fight Club was sitting inside $340,000 Lamborghini Aventador, his hatred towards materialism probably would have driven him to accelerate the car right into the ocean. If James Twitchell was sitting inside of it, he probably would have just left the car in a parking structure with the keys still inside. Chuck Palahniuk’s novel Fight Club and James Twitchell’s essay “The Allure of Luxury “both take negative against the concept and phenomenon of Western materialism, where society indulges on luxurious items to the extent of being the focus of life. In Fight Club, anti-materialism is extremely prominent with the narrator and Tyler are focused on destroying the materialistic society with violence to restore a more primitive way of living. However, Twitchell takes a more moderate stance on materialism has rapidly expanded throughout the Western nations, questioning if it is beneficial or malicious. I believe that materialism is a very misunderstood concept that I will describe later in the essay. Before comparing and contrasting my view of materialism, we will first explore Twitchell’s essay, then Fight Club to first better understand their stance their concept of materialism.

In Twitchell’s “Allure of Luxury,” he takes a negative stance towards materialism, describing the ideology of it to be people’s desire to associate recognized objects of little essential with high positional value. He describes this materialistic perception as “taking bites of the

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