The Allure of Gang Activity

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Gangs introduce violence and fear to the communities they occupy, raise the level of drug activities, and destroy businesses and property which brings down the overall value of the whole area. Instead of going to school, many young people find themselves drawn in to the gang life which in most cases either leads to being locked up or death. There are various reasons why people would want to join a gang, but no matter what that reason might be one can only expect a life of violence and troubles. As stated in an online article by Youth Today “according to a 2009 study by the National Youth Gang Center, quality of life issues, such as employment or educational opportunities, were the most significant factors in gang member migration, and not the expansion of existing criminal activity.” (Duda) Most people will associate criminal activities of gangs with the inner-city boundaries because these are the issues that are far from their all green suburban yards, something that could never impact their lives directly, or so they think. “We don’t associate the suburbs with people being poor or homeless, but it’s one of the fastest growing populations,” says Rebecca Petersen, author of Understanding Contemporary Gangs in America and a Criminal Justice Professor at Kennesaw State University. (Duda) Increases in the cost of living and new…
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