The Almost Catastrophic Business that Was Euro Disney

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In 1992, Euro-Disney opened a new location twenty miles east of Paris. Due to many different conditions, which nearly lead to failure, Michael Eisner personally structured a package to reorganize the park in 1994. Although Disney is a label known around the world, Euro-Disney was nearly a enormous catastrophe. How something like this could happen is fascinating. There are many explanations for Disney’s near terminal presentation, both predictable and unexpected. Regrettably, Euro-Disney did not take cultural differences and reference criteria into account when creating their park, resulting in their initial less than stellar performance. Disney might even have been able to make better decisions if the advisors of this project were able to remove themselves and their values from the decision-making in the infrastructure of Euro-Disney. Assumptions that Disney made were that Monday would be a light day of visitors and Friday a heavy one, they would not be interested in breakfast, that the Europeans would want croissants and coffee, and that reducing the prices of the hotel room would increase the number of visitors the park would have. Their problem was that only that last assumption was actually correct. In reality, Monday was a heavy day for visitors and Friday was a light one, everyone showed up for breakfast, and at this breakfast the Europeans wanted bacon and eggs. They were right, however, about lowering the hotel room prices. This price change increased
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