The Alpha For Sonic Healthcare Limited

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As of the 27th March 2015, Sonic Healthcare Limited announced a closing share price of $20.39. The dividend yield was 3.29%. Price earnings ratio was 21.35. Total market capitalisation was $8.196 billion, (Morningstar, 2015). The beta for Sonic Healthcare Limited was 0.50. The average beta for healthcare and life sciences industry was 0.51. The book value for Sonic Healthcare Limited was 2.64. The total shareholder return for Sonic Healthcare Limited throughout a three year period was 22.44%, (Morningstar, 2015). The dividend per share and earnings per share for Sonic Healthcare Limited are forecast to grow 86.2 cents per share and 118.5 cents for 2015. Both figures represent a slight growth in overall value from their 2013 (DPS: 71.2…show more content…
The firm was initially listed as a public trading company on the Australian Securities Exchange in 1987, (Sonic Healthcare, 2014). Equipment is distributed to the following suppliers throughout Australia. They include independent and regional healthcare providers, life science research institutions, medical practitioners and patients undergoing treatment for acute and chronic medical conditions within both public and private hospitals, (Sonic Healthcare, 2014). As of 2014, Sonic Healthcare has catapulted itself to become one of Australia 's largest domestic and global distributors and providers of biomedical science diagnostic and laboratory equipment. Total revenue reached $3.9 billion and is reflective of significant growth from an initial revenue amount worth $25 million in 1993, (Sonic Healthcare, 2014).

Key Business Divisions
The main business specialisation of Sonic Healthcare Limited incorporates diagnostic pathology. Over 500 accredited medical researchers and pathologists are employed locally and overseas undertaking research to identify the latest medical breakthroughs, (Sonic Healthcare, 2014). Additionally, the firm has a designated clinical laboratory entitled Sonic Clinical Trials. The aim involves therapeutic testing of pharmaceuticals to determine their overall effectiveness on patients undergoing treatment for medical conditions, (Sonic Healthcare, 2014).

In addition to its outstanding
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