The Altar of the Family

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Gender is a concept society often challenges whether by males or females, living up to traditional ideas causes constrictions to the individual. “The Altar of the Family” written by Michael Wilding suggests that conforming to traditional ideas or stereotypes provides constrictions to an individual’s beliefs. The author uses third person narrative in order to position the reader. Characterisation invites the reader to be critical of the father’s perspective on masculinity. Figurative language emphasises the opposing ideas of masculinity and setting described in the text produces different environments in which diverse ideas of gender are challenged. Point of view used in “The Altar of the Family” enables the reader to empathise with the…show more content…
‘He knew from his father that whiteness was wrong; though to be a white man was good.’ This quote positions the reader to disagree with the traditional ideas of masculinity as white represents purity, innocence and

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