The Alternative Forms Of Tourism

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Do you enjoy traveling, either domestically or abroad? Do you walk, bike, drive, or take any transportation while you travel? If you do, have you ever thought about the way that you travel can actually affect the destination socially, economically, culturally and environmentally? These are questions that you should ask yourself if you want to become a sustainable traveler. There are ways to make your travel more sustainable and responsible by making the right choice from the modes of transportation, to the place you are staying, to the activities that you do, and many more. This paper will discuss about alternative forms of tourism, such as sustainable travel, adventure travel and volunteer travel that give a purpose to
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Based on the most recent annual report published by the World Tourism Organization, over one billion people travel around the world and the number continues to grow every year. In the year 2013, a 5% growth is shown and it is expected to increase in the following years. While such growth has produced benefits such as employments, business opportunities, and increased revenues from exports and services, mass tourism is often questioned because of its contribution to negative impacts to the travel destinations in their economic, social, cultural, and physical environment (“Why Tourism,” 2015). Depending on the intensity of traveler site-use, the destination can easily ran out of the facilitation and resources necessary to accommodate the travelers, and let alone the local residents. In order to fulfill the increased traveler demands, developers will have to construct more hotels and facilities, which may involve buying lands and getting additional resources. In doing so, the developers may over exploit the very environment that attracts travelers and change the destination’s character. They can transform the natural environment into an artificial attraction and this may not only impact the daily lives of the local, but also the economy and unique culture of the destination.
According to Sustainable Travel International, the issues that
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