The Alternative Learning System

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Historical Context of ALS As always, it is best to trace the source of an educational system such as the ALS to the basic and fundamental law of the land. The Philippine Constitution provides for free and compulsory elementary education and free secondary education through the Department of Education (DepEd). This means that all Filipinos have a constitutional right to basic education, and the DepEd is mandated to provide this service to all Filipinos. In the 80’s, the global community launched a campaign called Education for All (EFA) that aimed to eradicate illiteracy and promote functional literacy for all people of the world. Our nation was a signatory to this and as such, committed to
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It shows two (2) roads both leading towards the attainment of basic education. One road is marked “formal education” and it makes use of schools. The other road is marked “ALS” and it makes use of community learning centers for out-of-school youth and adults and these centers may be a barangay hall, a church, a factory, etc. Notice, too, the travelers in the “formal education” road and those in the “ALS” road. In the former, they are young; in the latter, they are both young and old.

This illustration suggests that the Filipino can choose to take any of the two (2) roads to acquire basic education. Further, it suggests that the “ALS” road is open to anyone regardless of age. What is important too is that one may attain basic education even without entering the school system.

Because this is a very simple illustration, it does not explain the other important features of ALS. Consequently, a conceptual framework on the relationship between formal education and the ALS is hereby presented. The discussion that follows Figure 2 also explains those theoretical aspects that Figure 1 cannot provide.


Learning Program

It shows the learning programs of formal education and those of the ALS. Specifically, formal basic education consists of elementary education which covers Grades 1 to 6 and secondary education which covers 4 year levels.

This ALS program on
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